New Cactus Silk Covers Have Just Landed!

New Cactus Silk Covers Have Just Landed!

We just got a fresh shipment from Rabat Morocco of gorgeous authentic Cactus Silk pillow covers and we are obsessed with the patterns and colors! They are all so unique in their design and colorways, we actually believe that there is a perfect Cactus Silk Cushion out there for every décor style! 

For Scandinavian and minimalist décor styles we recommend one of the off white or neutral toned pillows which showcase the beautiful patterns but with subtle colors and will mix well with earthy neutral palettes. 

For an ultra fun and carefree bohemian design we recommend the light pink, sunny yellow or terracotta pillow which will go perfectly with some fluffy pampas grass, light neutral walls and furniture and ceramic décor. 

For Farmhouse or rustic vibes we recommend either the terracotta or white pillow being careful to choose applique colors that are more subtle.

These pillows are timeless and elegant and will be cherished for years to come! 

Check back frequently for new listings! 

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